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We provide an online free chat room for Indian people which lets you chat in our India channel. You can chat with friends, parents, strangers and you can do it without giving up your privacy and without signing up.

Finally, you can find and meet boys, girls, men, and women from the entire world and specifically from India completely for free. Share your happiness and your love with other Indian guys! We are waiting for you, join us! No signup, no password to remember!

Why us?

At Chattervibe, you don’t need java (chat room without java) or flash (chat without flash) plugins. You just need a desktop/notebook computer or a mobile device (Android, iOS, …). We do everything for you and we support smartphones too!

How Indian Chat Rooms are Changing the Way Indians Socialize, Date, and Find True Love

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Are you looking for a free and anonymous Indian chat room where you can meet the Ms. Right or Mr. Perfect that you’ve been waiting for all your life?

Even in the days of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, more and more Indians are looking for other ways to express themselves online, meet interesting new people, fall in love and find a soul mate. That probably explains why text chatting sites such as ours, which allow anonymous and free chatting online, have become so popular in India in recent years.

The India chat rooms on Chattervibe are generally packed with young Indians free and anonymous having fun, flirting with strangers in a safe and controlled environment. This is one of the few online chat rooms without registration, where you can chat as much as you like without being asked for your personal information or credit card details. For Indians looking for sites where they can engage in some fun and flirty free chatting online chat rooms, is as good as it gets. You could also go on our Android app mChat, and continue your free chatting online there as well.

What explains the current popularity of Indian Chat Rooms?

It’s easy to see why more and more Indians want to chat online. There are a lot of young people in India – over 65% of India’s population is under the age of 35.

As with young people from any country, what young Indians want to do the most is to meet exciting new people, flirt with strangers, go on a date with someone they like and look for some naughty, exciting fun.

But with India being a conservative country, it is very difficult for young men and women to meet up with new people. They cannot meet new people or engage in flirty banter on Facebook either, as everyone knows who they are on Facebook and people really can be so judgmental there.

It’s much easier and much safer to meet new and exciting people on India online chat rooms such as on When you’re in an India chat room on our site, you will have the full freedom to say exactly what you have on your mind without worrying about getting judged for it. You can engage in flirtatious conversations with interesting strangers and sometimes things can get really hot!

Now, if you feel uncomfortable with that at any stage, you can break off the conversation or block the person. You can always seek out our human moderators for help. Unlike other chat India sites, we have human moderators, not bots, and they keep checking that everyone is behaving properly.

We encourage flirty banter, but we also believe in the #MeToo movement and that No, Means No… We don’t allow obsessive behavior and ensure that everyone has a very good time.

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