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The Best UK Chat Rooms for Brits Who Are Bored With Facebook

Do you think Facebook scs? Are you looking for a new way to meeting people online?
Perhaps you should try out the UK Chat Rooms on, where you can engage in flirtatious banter with exciting new strangers without getting judged by anyone.

Unlike other chat UK sites, you can join our UK online chat rooms without registration, without providing any credit card information or any personal details. You can be totally anonymous and be in complete control of the conversation. is easily one of the best UK sites for free chatting online. But what explains this newfound demand for UK chatting sites, especially when you have Facebook, world’s biggest social network with over 2.1 billion users?

Well, if you have been noticing, Facebook has become very boring lately. This has been the observation of a lot of people in the UK – there’s no fun in Facebook anymore.

The young in particular, have been turning away from Facebook, especially teens and those in their 20s and early 30s. A lot of people are asking themselves if there is any point at all in wading through their Facebook newsfeed, going through the posts and getting their photos “liked” by people they have no interest in.

But the biggest problem seems to be that Facebook has become a victim of its own success. The social network has grown so big that everyone is now on it, your teacher from school is on Facebook, as is your manager from office. Heck, even your grandmother is on Facebook!

Everyone you know is on Facebook and everyone knows you on Facebook. You see the problem with that? Nothing remains hidden on Facebook anymore, everyone knows your relationship status, who you are seeing, who you like or don’t like.

What’s worse, you get judged by people for that – you will get judged for every single action you take on Facebook, with people gossiping behind your back. Really, it’s like being back in high school!

There is a lot of Facebook fatigue among people and the social network is no longer considered cool. It has become just as old and boring as email. Facebook will always be there, and it will become even bigger in the future, but it is never going to be fun and exciting again.

If you want a slice of fun and excitement in your life, you should visit the UK chat rooms on Here you can chat freely and anonymously and don’t have to pay anything whatsoever. You can also chat from your smartphone on our free chat online app for Android called as mChat.

You can hide your identity and be really anonymous as you like. You can talk to those you like and block those who make you uncomfortable. There are no costs, no hidden fees, and no personal data asked. If you need help or support, you can depend on the moderators who are human, not bots, unlike on other UK online chat rooms.

Join us today on, the free anonymous chatting site for those from the UK. Don’t be surprised if you are joined by interesting new people from Australia, United States, Italy, Spain and elsewhere in the world looking for love in the UK or just someone to have a chat with!